Hailing from the dark depths of West Cornwall, Bagas Fellyon are re-imagining the sound of Cornish traditional music.

Taking the dark majestic beauty of the rugged Celtic coastline, the softness of golden sands and throwing in the grit of post industrial decay Bagas Fellyon are infusing the traditional music of Cornwall with their own lived experience in order to create something fresh, vibrant and alive.

Using drums, bass, saxophone, fiddle, accordion and hammered dulcimer, Bagas Fellyon weave hypnotic rhythms and evolving textures in Combination with melodies both ancient and modern to paint a picture of Cornwall and Cornishness that goes deeper than the typical picture postcard representations of the Dutchy.

Neil McMahon – Fiddle

A fiery fiddler from the depths of Cornwall, Neil brings Cornish music to life with an undeniable flair and mastery. A foot in the past but boldly treading new ground with his innovative style. Neil started out as a guitarist in rock and metal bands and first fell in love with traditional music following a trip to Ireland. On returning home he searched for the Cornish equivalent and found it almost by accident! After being ‘pressed ganged’ into joining Bagas Crowd, a much loved Cornish fiddle group he headed off to study at Newcastle on the Folk and Traditional Music Degree. Since then, there has been no stopping him! Neil brings Cornish music to life with an unsurpassable flair and mastery.

Owen Davies – Accordian

Owen is a multi-talented artist, combining his skills as a songwriter, composer, and accordionist. Hailing from West Penwith, he has delved deep into the world of Cornish folk music, collaborating with local musicians and dancers to immerse himself in the rich traditions. Owen is probably best known for his work with eclectic art-pop trio ‘Owen and the arrowheads’, seamlessly blending folk, Latin, and Parisian Café music influences. In addition he arranged tracks for larger ensemble’s with flair and a sophisticated musicality. Owen elevates the band with his ability to create enchanting melodies and arrangements that captivate audiences and breathe life into every performance.

Kerensa – Hammered Dulcimer

“Kerensa is an assured & devastatingly skilful Hammered Dulcimer player who delivers a performance that is innovative, energetic & confident.” And who would expect anything less since she has learnt from the masters! In her early days, she received expert tuition from the late Jim Couza & Maclaine Colston, both considered by many to be the best players of the Hammered Dulcimer of their generations. She has been immersed in the traditional music scene, both as a solo musician and as part of various lineups for over 25 years, developing her own unique style which is perfectly suited to capturing the driving rhythms and melodies of Cornish Nos Lowen music.

Joshua Barrett – Bass

Joshua discovered his passion for music in late child hood and continued to hone his craft throughout his teenage years. He performed with various rock bands, drawing inspiration from a broad range of genres including punk, metal, rock and disco. Upon moving to Falmouth his musical journey took an exciting turn as he delved into the folk tradition and began exploring instruments such as the mandolin and tenor banjo. Joshua’s new found passion for folk music led to a memorable year as a member of the local folk party band ‘Jonah’s Lift’. He also sang with the Falmouth Fish Sea Shanty Collective. Josh runs a mixed ability traditional folk session at the infamous Moth and Moon in Falmouth. You can find him there every Tuesday! As a member of Bagas Fellyon, he adds a whole new depth to Nos Lowen music with his funky bass style.

Sam Matthews – Drums

Sam is a versatile jazz drummer with a deep appreciation for Latin rhythms and a strong enthusiasm for Celtic music. While jazz is his primary focus, his drumming style incorporates elements from other genres, resulting in a dynamic and rich musical experience. Interacting and collaborating with fellow musicians is Sams passion and he thrives on the creative synergy that arises from shared musical expressions. With 12 years of experience playing in Jazz collectives, rock, funk bands and an art-pop group, Sam is constantly exploring and evolving his craft. With drums as his weapon of choice, Sam’s infectious energy radiates through every beat, driving the rhythm and infusing Nos Lowen music with a vibrant and irresistible groove!

Daniel Woodfield

Daniel Woodfield is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and musical director who has worked across the jazz and world music scenes of London and the UK for the last decade. His passion for discovering globally unique and influenced musics has led him on a journey to deeply explore the music of his home, Kernow. Now living back at home he plays and records with numerous local bands, produces events and leads community projects. Keeping a foot on both sides of the Tamar, Daniel is currently conducting a PhD research project partnering SOAS Music department and Cornish festival Lowender exploring the future of Cornish music and dance practices as a form of heritage.

What is Nos Lowen?

The Nos Lowen (Cornish = ‘Happy Night’) is something between a ceilidh and the Breton Fest Noz. The dances are simple enough that they can be picked up by following along with a few strategically placed dance leaders among the crowd. This removes the need for a caller and leads to an evening that can flow more freely than a usual ceilidh.

Bagas Fellyon boasts a line-up of highly skilled, versatile Cornish musicians and can adapt the size of their band to accommodate any venue or event. Whether you’re looking for a trio for that more intimate occasion or a full 8-piece Nos Lowen band to get your venue rocking, Bagas Fellyon have it covered!