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“Bagas Fellyon – Cornwall’s fastest rising Nos Lowen Band!”

“A gloriously chaotic groove juggernaut! Bagas Fellyon (Cornish for ‘The Band of Fools’) experiment with and innovate within the growing Nos Lowen style of Cornish traditional Music.”

Bagas Fellyon is a collective of musicians brought together by the fiddle player Neil McMahon. Initially as a project to promote the album “Hitching Ships” by Cornish studio-based duo Fools Rock. Following this sell-out gig, the band soon took on a life of its own with its boisterous groove centric approach to Cornish Nos Lowen music.

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Cornish Music & Dance at Shrewsbury Festival!

Meur ras – Massive thanks to the Bagas Fellyon crew for an amazing weekend at Shrewsbury Festival 2023 –[…]

Bagas Fellyon bringing Nos Lowen to Shrewsbury!

Bagas Fellyon (Cornish name for ‘Band of Fools) were originally brought together by Neil MacMahon as a one off[…]

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KCM Church Hall

Chippenham Folk Festival

24/05/24 – 27/03/24
Chippenham Folk Festival

Nos Lowen

KCM Church Hall

The Nos Lowen (Cornish = ‘Happy Night’) is something between a ceilidh and the Breton Fest Noz. The dances are simple enough that they can be picked up by following along with a few strategically placed dance leaders among the crowd. This eliminates the need for a caller and leads to an evening that can flow more continuously than a usual ceilidh.

Bagas Fellyon boasts a line-up of highly skilled and versatile Cornish musicians and can adapt to suit any venue or event. Whether you’re looking for a trio to or a full 8-piece Nos Lowen band to get you venue rocking, look no further!